Terms & Conditions

To use this site you should read and fully agree with the terms and conditions. If you do proceed to use this web site you are deemed to have read and fully accepted these terms and conditions. The services provided on this web site are reserved for individuals who are at least 18 years old or minors who have parental consent to use this web site. Apppl.com can from time to time change these terms and conditions without any further notice.

It is not permitted to copy the full or parts of Apppl.com. All logos, photographic, graphic, audio and/or video material cannot be copied, published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast, publication or redistributed directly or indirectly on the internet or in any medium without the expressed written permission of Apppl.com. All rights reserved. The original photos keep the owner's copyright. Any violation against these terms and conditions can and will if necessary be followed legally.

As part of our commitment to high-quality service, we believe it is important to have a clear understanding with you regarding our respective obligations. These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between the client (referred to as "client" or "you"), and APPLIED PROMOTIONS AND PUBLICITY PVT. LTD. (referred to as "Apppl combine", "us" or "we").


All final artwork become the property of the Client, having unlimited and royalty-free use (until otherwise specified) of the image upon payment of all fees. Apppl.com retains the right to display the artwork in their portfolio and advertising materials. With regards to the respective product selected, the Clients are allowed to choose from the options shared on the website. All designs, concepts or other materials displayed to the Client which are not selected by the Client remain the full property of Apppl.com. The Clients can purchase additional work/designs/solution provided within the samples created to fulfill the Client's order for an additional service and design charge to be determined, solely by Apppl.com.


The Client unconditionally guarantees that any element of text furnished to Apppl.com for inclusion in the design samples do not infringe on any copyright or trademarks that have been already established by another organization. The Client will hold harmless, protect and defend Apppl.com and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client. All the work done by Apppl.com is protected by copyright. Apppl.com has in any ways possible, ensured that work presented in our collection, or custom developed work, are not what might be defined as copies or imitations of existing work. All of our designers have agreed to conduct thorough research of their design work. Both the designer and Apppl.com have done their outmost to ensure that any graphical work provided by us, will be defined as being unique work. If there still is to be found work that under international regulations and laws will be defined as copies or imitations, we will check if they had been copied from us, and if not, Apppl.com will remove the work from our collection and will redesign it. Apppl.com will state by this that they have done the possible research according to copyright laws. By this we are also stating that Copyright and related laws are issues we highly respect. We keep our right to check from time to time the visitors of our site in order to prevent the illegal copy and use of our designs. From the moment The Client receives the final work, The Client fully owns the copyright and is free to use the work done by us for them, once approved and paid. In the moment the ownership is transferred from Apppl.com to the buyer, Apppl.com will no longer be responsible for the work. Apppl.com makes no guarantee of copyright to the Client in the work done. The Client will therefore need to conduct the necessary research if the Client wants to further insure that that the work cannot be associated with other graphical work if this is done and The Client assumes responsibility for checking if his design can be associated with another work and for obtaining Copyright of any material created by Apppl.com. Apppl.com assumes no liability in the event that the Client is unable to obtain Copyright of said material for any reason. The Client is fully responsible to protect the use of his design purchased from Apppl.com, in accordance with any national and international copyright, trademark or related laws that might affect the use of products purchased from Apppl.com.


The Client understands and agrees that only the simple changes (asked by The Client in the order form) as changing color, font, etc. are free of charge. The Client has to be very specific when explaining the required free changes in the order form or in a distinct email sent before receiving the final files. The Client understands and agrees that The Client has to provide the exactly description of how The Client prefers his company work in the order form or in a distinct email sent before starting the work. The Client understands and agrees that if The Client doesn't give any description of how The Client prefers his company work to be done, Apppl.com will arrange them the way they think it looks more professional. The Client understands and agrees that The Client is responsible for final tests regarding the misspellings, the color match, layout or any other related task. The Client understands and agrees that the design colors on the screen can look different when printing the design depending on the printer and/or printing office. In consequence of that, Apppl.com recommends to do a printing test before final print. The Client understands and agrees that Apppl.com is not responsible for any error done by the printers and/or printing offices. The Client understands and agrees that Apppl.com doesn't ensure that all printing houses will accept the files types sent by Apppl.com to the Client.


The Client understands and agrees that PayUmoney is online payment systems partner of Apppl.com. All the payments will be done through PayUmoney. The Client understands and agrees that Apppl.com will be co-operative with the client for any error made by PayUmoney. The Client can find out more about PayUmoney’s terms and conditions on their website PayUmoney- www.payUmoney.com. The Client understands and agrees that the prices are the ones from the Prices section. The Client understands and agrees that if other clients order the same work at the same time, the one who gets the work is the one who bought it first. When the purchase is confirmed, the chosen work will be removed from the collection. The Client understands and agrees that if The Client ordered work that had just been sold to another client, The Client will not have any right to receive the same work. We will re-design the work following client's requests, unless the Client prefers to choose other work from our collection.


Apppl.com will begin to work on an order once the Client's payment has been processed. Once the payment is confirmed, the Client will receive his design on the day mutually accepted via email. Apppl.com is not responsible in any way if the work reaches the client in more than the agreed time due to Internet connection problems, if the email address provided by the client doesn't accept attachments or any other issues that might disturb the sending process (strike, lockout, etc). The Client understands and agrees to provide timely responses to Apppl.com after receiving the design work. The Client will have 7 days to respond to the logo design samples sent to the client for review. If after 7 days the client has failed to respond, Apppl.com will assume the project complete and the project shall be deemed to be complete. Apppl.com will have no further obligation to the client, and the client shall pay Apppl.com all fees and expenses associated with work performed by Apppl.com.